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Article 1

The name of the Association shall be: International Association for Paleodontology, with the official abbreviation IAPO.


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Article 2

Mission, aims and objectives

2.1 Mission
The Association has been established to promote research in all aspects of paleodontology and related sciences, and to facilitate cooperation among investigators and the communication of research findings and their implications throughout the world.

2.2 Aims
The aims of the IAPO are:
- to develop and promote paleodontology
- to represent the discipline of paleodontology at a European and world level
- to act as a scientific consultant for paleodontology within Europe and beyond
- to promote links between the various associations, societies or groups for bioarchaeology and paleodontology and to encourage their establishment and development.

2.3 Objectives
The objectives of the IAPO are:
- to promote the research, education and practice of paleodontology in order to improve the understanding of oral and general health of ancient populations
- to maintain a register of individuals with interests in paleodontology
- to stimulate and sponsor research activities
- to stimulate undergraduate and graduate education in paleodontology
- to publish a bulletin on a regular basis
- to sponsor a scientific journal.

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Article 3

English shall be the official language of the IAPO.



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Article 4


4.1 Individual membership
Any individual, without any considerations of color, caste, race, religion, age, gender, national or ethnic origin, or disability, who is interested in paleodontology, shall be eligible for membership in this Association.
Members shall have the full rights and privileges of membership and are eligible to vote and to hold office in the Association.

4.2 Activation of membership
Any individual eligible for membership under the Constitution and whose membership credentials have been found acceptable shall become a member of the Association. Applications may be approved by the Member Service on a periodic basis.

4.3 Suspension or termination
Membership may be terminated automatically by a member upon delivery of a formal notice to the Executive Board of that member’s resignation. The membership of any member may be terminated or suspended for reasons of non-payment of dues, proven scientific misconduct, non-compliance with the Association’s Constitution, or for other good cause shown. 

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Article 5

Executive board

5.1 Duties and composition
The executive board shall be the administrative and management body of the IAPO. Executive board decides in all matters not covered by these regulations. It shall take appropriate legal and financial advice when needed.
The term of office for positions of the executive board is from one General Assembly to the next.
Individual members of the executive board may be reelected to the same position for a second term.
The executive board shall direct and organize the activities of the IAPO, co-ordinate, execute and be responsible for decisions agreed by the General Assembly.
Executive shall consist of a President, two Vice-Presidents and Secretary/Treasurer.
The executive board will search for and propose to the General Assembly individuals for
executive positions. Appointments to the executive board will be staggered to ensure

5.2 Function and appointment of members of the executive board
The president shall:
- be elected by the General Assembly
- preside at business meetings of the Association and chair the executive board
- decide upon questions of order and interpret the constitution of the Association
- be the executive director of the General Assembly and chair its meetings
- sign the minutes of General Assembly and executive board meetings.

The vice president shall:
- be elected by the General Assembly
- preside at business meetings of the Association and chair the executive board in the absence of the president
- be the executive director of the General Assembly and chair its meetings in the absence of the president
- assume all responsibilities in the absence of the president.

The secretary/treasurer shall:
- be elected by the General Assembly
- attend to correspondence and be the custodian of the records of the society
- distribute as directed notifications and agendas of all meetings, together with
appropriate documentation
- take and archive the minutes of all meetings of the executive board and General
- provide reports to the executive board and General Assembly when requested
- maintain a database of all members
- keep an account of all funds received and all payments made, and be responsible for the
collection of dues
- provide a written report to meetings of the executive board and suitably audited finances to meetings of the General Assembly
- prepare a budget for each financial year; the latter shall correspond with the calendar year, i.e. 1 January to 31 December.

5.3 Decisions
Decisions of the executive board shall be carried out by a simple majority vote of the officers present. In case of an impasse the vote of the president is counted twice.


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Article 6

General Assembly
The General Assembly is the only legislative body of the IAPO and shall:
- enact, amend and repeal the constitution and bylaws of the IAPO
- determine the main elements of the policy for the next four year period
- determine the yearly membership fee
- monitor and oversee the administration and management of the IAPO by the executive
board and approve the accounts
- create permanent or time-limited committees as required and approve their remit and
- approve the time, place and venue of future general assemblies, biennial congresses and
other meetings, and have overall control and responsibility for their management and
financial viability.

General Assembly should be arranged every four years.

A notice of meeting and call for agenda items should be sent to members six months before the General Assembly, and an agenda sent three months before that meeting.

General Assembly shall consist of members of the Association and each member shall have one vote. Decisions of the General Assembly shall be carried out by a simple majority vote of the members present.


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Article 7

The Association may establish accounts in its name only and shall have any two of the following as signatories: President, Vice-President, Secretary/Treasurer. All accounts must be audited prior to each General Assembly and a report included in the Secretary's report to that meeting.


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Article 8

Changes to the Constitution
These regulations shall only be changed with a 2/3 majority vote of members at a General Assembly provided that the motion relating to the suggested change is included in the agenda of the meeting circulated to the member societies three months prior to that General Assembly.


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Article 9

IAPO may be dissolved with a 3/4 majority vote of those members present at the General Assembly, provided that the recommendation for such dissolution is placed on the agenda of the meeting circulated to members three months prior to the meeting.

Any surplus funds of money shall be used for paleodontological research in such manner as the then-governing body of the Association shall determine.


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