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IAPO mission statement


  • To advance research and increase knowledge about oral and general health of ancient populations by promoting paleodontological and bioarchaeological researches.

  • Establish and support programs to promote paleodontological and bioarchaeological researches and IAPO activities.

  • Expand and further develop the IAPO's partnership with kindred associations, scientific and educational professional organizations, publishers and corporations.

  • To support and represent the paleodontological research community.

  • The current structure and functions of the IAPO will be examined and modified with the goal of enhancing membership recruitment and participation, and the organization's ability to execute its mission.

  • To facilitate the communication and application of paleodontological and bioarchaeological research findings.

  • Ensure that the IAPO provides the appropriate avenues for the presentation of current knowledge on paleodontological and bioarchaeological researches.

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