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Partners & Institutions

As part of its mission, the IAPO encourages participation from scientific institutions, dental schools, other kindred faculties, universities, corporations, publishers, non-profit organizations, and other entities in the furtherance of paleodontological and bioarchaeological researches throughout the world.

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Advertising opportunities on www.paleodontology.com

Books and journals
Publishers are invited to submit books and journals related to paleodontology and bioarchaeology. We can:

  • refer you to authorities in all areas of paleodontology
  • make a review of your book/journal and put it on our recommended literature list
  • advertise your book/journal on this website

Equipment for paleodontological research
Manufacturers of equipment used in paleodontological researches are invited to advertise their products on this website.

Bioarchaeological meetings
Organizers of meetings and conferences related to paleodontology, bioarchaeology, human anthropology, archaeology, etc. are invited to submit information about these meetings to IAPO. We can advertise free of charge these meetings on this website and in the Bulletin of the International Association for Paleodontology .

For more information on web advertising, contact:

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