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August 13, 2007

The International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO) located at School of Dental Medicine, Gundulićeva 5, Zagreb, HR-10000, Croatia is committed to respecting the privacy of information provided during your visits to the website www.paleodontology.com.

To provide you with particular services, we do sometimes ask that you provide information to us, for example: signing up for an IAPO meeting or activity, or applying to become an IAPO member, etc.

Certain information obtained on your membership application may be released or sold to third parties unless you determine that such information should not be made available and specifically advise IAPO of this determination. Any specific questions on the release of information or requests to remove your information from release should be directed to Member Service at members@paleodontology.com. For general users of the public areas of the site, information is not collected other than basic Internet Protocol addresses that are exclusively used for internal tracking of site usage.

Any personal information provided to IAPO in an e-mail message will be used only in response to the message.

IAPO’s Web site contains links to other sites. However, IAPO is not responsible for the content or the privacy practices of other sites.

IAPO strives to maintain current and accurate data. Any corrections or requests for information should be sent to webmaster@paleodontology.com.

IAPO reserves the right to change this Privacy policy. The revised Privacy policy is effective at the time of posting to www.paleodontology.com .

The terms and conditions of this Privacy policy are incorporated by reference into this Site’s Terms of use, and are subject to those terms, conditions and limitations stated therein.


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