Code of Ethics

The purpose of this Code of Ethics is to define general principles for the responsibilities of members of the International Association for Paleodontology (IAPO) in their research and scholarly activities.

The Code of Ethics is based on an honour system, and adherence to the Code of Ethics is the responsibility of each member.

The following general principles should guide members in their research and scholarly activities.
All members of the IAPO should:

  1. act with honour and in accordance with the highest standards of professional integrity;
  2. be guided by the conventions of scholarly pursuit;
  3. promote exemplary ethical standards for research and scholarship;
  4. conduct work with objectivity;
  5. communicate information in a responsible manner, with due regard for the significance and credibility of the available data;
  6. take actions necessary to ensure the protection and preservation of research subjects, and observe the spirit and letter of the laws, regulations, and ethical standards with regard to the welfare of human and animal remains involved in research procedures.